It’s a classic combination; chicken, bacon and ranch. But we bet you’ve never had it quite like this… Introducing the Simpleton! It’s our extreme twist on the iconic taste of chicken bacon and ranch. We’re not simply adding cheese, although Monterey Jack certainly does the trick. We’re also adding some heat with Pepper Jack cheese. The diced tomatoes and green onions will perk up your taste buds too. But we’re not quite done yet. We finish it with a lime dipping sauce. It’s just the right amount of citrus to make the Simpleton come to life in your mouth.

Korean Krazy - Discontinued

With comments starting out like this: “That’s crazy!! How funny! I honestly wouldn’t have thought to put it on grilled cheese!!” and this: “Has anyone tried it yet?” You just have to wonder if it’s even going to be good at all. But then you see comments like this: “Had this yesterday & it is AMAZING! Chef Joe has done it again!!” and this: “FedEx a couple to California please!” And you start to think you’re onto something… Okay MELTZ fans, in case you missed the news. This is ONE of our winning entries for the National Grilled Cheese Invitational on April 12th 2014; and happens to be our most recent Featured Meltz! KOREAN KRAZY….Provolone, Pepperjack, Bulgogi BBQ Beef, Housemade Kimchi, Crus

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