Where to get the best comfort food in Spokane

The last couple of weeks can seem to last the longest. Sure, the slush is melting, but – as we long for the freshness and lightness of spring – it still grows dark early in the evening and remains cold at night. Throw-blanket season persists. These final gray and dreary days of winter’s last gasp call for comfort – more precisely, comfort food, those high-carb dishes often associated with childhood that warm your belly and your mood. Home-cooked is usually preferred. But, if it sounds even more comforting to let someone else do the cooking, here’s a list of dishes and spots to consider. Macaroni and cheese. Manito Tap House, 3011 S. Grand Blvd., offers two kinds for grown-ups – green chili a

Burger Bomber - Get Your Happy Dance On!

The MELTZ Burger Bomber is our concoction of: orange and sharp white cheddar, a burger, French fries, jalapeño bacon, grilled tomato, red onion “pickles”, and our own BOMB SAUCE! Full size is about a pound and a half. This big boy rivals the Oinker. Our BOMB SAUCE has a mayo base with ketchup, stone ground mustard, red hot, hard cooked egg, pickle, and other secret spices! it’s the Bomb! This sauce is perfectly balanced, with a light heat and tangy, it cuts the fat of the grilled cheese nicely. Some are asking, “why the egg?” The egg adds some integrity to the sauce. (Holds a bit better) we chop the egg very fine. Texturally, it’s outstanding. Bacon, egg, burger, cheese… it’s a natural comb

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