The Man Behind the MELTZ

Chef Joe McCarthy studied at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, and previously worked as executive chef at Brix restaurant in the tourist town of Coeur d’Alene and the Mirabeau Park Hotel in Spokane Valley, Wa. For 10 years, he has worked for Indy Car Series, cooking for the drivers, staff and VIPs at Indianapolis 500 events at tracks throughout the country.

Davey shares his passion and vision. “It is exciting for this town to have a local business man and food visionary with such elevated talent. He is a deeply inspired culinarian. Chef Joe has an impeccable palate, plenty of rudimentary and five star experience and enough knowledge to fill a good sized edition of La Gastronomic.” Lou feels as though McCarthy’s unique combination of unlimited creativity, methodical execution and his relentless pursuit of culinary perfection is a gift to this community. “Joe has blessed this town with a gastronomical option most people have to travel in order to experience,” said Davey.

MELTZ Extreme Grilled Cheese opened for business in June of 2012 to provide the people of Coeur d’Alene an extreme culinary experience. Clearly, it is not just grilled cheese.

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