Meltz In LA

With the confidence of devoted foodie fans in Coeur d’Alene the savory ingredients of the Potsticker were packed up with care and hopped a plane for California. The 11th annual Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles would be the culinary platform in which the Potsticker would make its tasting debut into the HOT CHEESE world. The Kama Sutra category is the least restrictive at the contest, with the only rule being that 60% of the internal ingredients must be cheese. Manager Lou Davey felt right at home amongst fellow chefs eager to share ideas and tips from past competitions. “There is a sense of comradery. It’s not like a typical competition every man for himself, that was not the tone of it at all.” Davey said. Every one was competing for one reason and one reason only: for the love of a good grilled cheese.

Davey learned a lot from her first experience: station set up, pleasing the hungry crowd with more samples and understanding the judge’s palates and preferences. She said she would do very little different next year. She was prepared with competition bread from local vendor Wheat Montana and applied her schmear prior to the start of the contest. The key? Having a hot pan to achieve that ever so coveted crisp golden brown color of the bread.

MELTZ triumphed at their first attempt in the professional category and brought home the gold. Chef Joe McCarthy already has his sights on entering more categories and winning over millions of taste buds in 2014.

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