BLACK AND BLUE….Monterey Jack, Blackened Roast Beef, Gorgonzola, Buttermilk Fried Onions, Blue Cheese Remoulade, Cherry Pepper Gastrique….Cajun Beef Jus Dipper.

Details make the difference for this on point grilled cheese.

We have taken our company icon, the “schmear”, which is the foundation on which our culinary quest stands, and then we add blackening seasoning to the process. This flavor ride will last from the front to the very back of your mouth and when you hit that landmine of blue cheese, believe me you’re hooked!

Chef McCarthy has chosen a French-Southern flavor profile to showcase the awesome pairing of beef and gorgonzola. He has created a Blue Cheese Remoulde [rey-muh-LAHD; French rey-moo-LAD] with a rather traditional flare of Louisianna Creole style.

The Creole remoulade is identified by the pinkish hue as opposed to a more yellow appearance of a French influenced recipe. His Cherry Pepper Gastrique is vibrant and piquant in color as well as taste.

Just what are the requirements to be a gastrique? Show up with acidity, sweetness, a glossy-pureed sauce like consistency with enough assertiveness to bring out the flavor of beef and it’s officially a gastrique. We are talking about a blank canvas with limitless options.

Perhaps one of the hidden treasures of this power house grilled cheese are the housemade buttermilk fried onions nestled in between that oozy cheese and slightly rare beef. They lend a desirable crunch of texture to this deliciousness of flavor. Finish this culmination of ingredients with an indulgent dip in our Cajun inspired beef jus and call it BLACK AND BLUE!


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