MELTZ is unbelievably excited to offer you this holiday inspired culinary feast for your senses. Our crazy talented Chef Joe McCarthy has brought back this Featured MELTZ that will give you a serious ride on our flavor train.

All aboard for our holiday TURDUCKEN……..Pepperjack, Smoked Turkey, Duck Confit, Chicken, Shaved Brussel-Bacon Slaw, Holiday Fruit Chutney(cranberry, Quince, Persimmon, Pomegranate).

It is hard to pinpoint the exact origin and creator of the Turducken but here is one entertaining account of how this iconic culinary quest came to be in our country. Paul Prudomme however is credited for bringing this delicacy to our gastronomical attention.

“Now and then the owner of Corinne Dunbar’s will work up a special dinner. It seems that someone had heard somewhere that you can stuff a bird into a bird into a bird, just as long as you can find a bird big enough to contain the last one. He found nine birds around town, and tried it. The dish he served consisted of a snipe that was stuffed into a dove that was inserted into a quail that was placed in a squab that was put into a Cornish game hen that was tucked into a pheasant that was squeezed into a chicken that was pushed into a duck that was stuffed into a turkey. All the birds had been boned, and each had been boiled separately with seasoning to make a stock. A stuffing of wild cherries and almonds was placed around each bird to make it fit snugly into the next. The final nine-bird result was poached in all the combined stocks. When the chef carved it, the partakers felt as if they were eating a single legendary bird, a sort of poached phoenix.”

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