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Now Hiring Cheese Enthusiasts!

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


Monday-Saturday: 11AM-8PM

Sunday: Closed

Rewards Program

Mobile Meltz

Hey MELTZ fanz, we have had such a phenomenal experience with our mobile Meltz unit over the past several years. It is always a pleasure to go out to different venues and get to interact with our fanz in such a fun way. However, for a variety of reasons too lengthy to go into, we have made the difficult decision to sell the mobile unit to the Boise location. Please know that we haven’t made this decision lightly. We acknowledge that our Spokane fanz are going to be the hardest hit because we do so many mobile events in Washington. We sure hope we get to serve you HOT CHEESE you in our CDA location. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and recognize that this is a big change. We will continue to be able to provide large catering orders through our catering platform. And remember to use your Meltz app because we want to reward our loyal fanz! #fanzrule

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